Monday, February 1, 2010


hahahahahaha!! finally I've decided to update this space since I managed to find the free time to do so now...

the weekends have been pretty eventful and when I say that it's really..was like doing sports almost the whole of my weekends except for sunday which was a time to meditate and spend time with family members...not really with whole family but just my sister cos we were doing our LAST MINUTE CHNESE NEW YEAR SHOPPING...hahahaha!!
let us just backtrack a little, saturday was really sports all day..started offf with training in the morning and then I headed to suntec convention for some NTU talk and then travelled all the way back to woodlands for some church events..played some touch rugby which most of the time I was there to touch ppl and only touched the ball like once?probably twice..hmm..was bored of doing that and 3 of us just decided to play another sport and that was FRISBEE.!!was fun just passing it around though and at the same time we made new could have been better if we played a game but all were just too young..

anyways, that was not all..learnt another new sport and that is HANDBALL..!it's never easy to play handball though it seemed easy especially the throwing technique..not easy to master at all..think I was like trying and laughing at myself at the same time..hahahaha!can't stand the stupidity..but I managed to master it!hahahaha..

butttttttttttt.....i'm like aching cos it's so long since that muscle really really just woke up!haha!

NTU application is open and I guess I should consider my choices and apply though I'm more or less aware of what I'm going to do...but..there should always be a Plan B..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For a moment I thought that yesterday was the weirdest day ever , starting from the time I woke up till end of the day…

Firstly, in the morning didn’t even have the urgency to get out of bed to prepare for work though I was already behind time and thus had to rush through everything including packing and all..then was off to the train station and somehow dunno why the train was so packed at that timing when usually it wouldn’t be so, end up I had to squeeze in with my big bag and stick which I hated to do the most cos I hate sticking to others in the train and worse, when the train’s gonna jerk when approaching jurong east, we’ll just end up being bowling pins…

Then, at the office was so sleepy and lethargic that I just felt like not doing anything the whole day but just sit there and stone my day away but sadly, I can’t. hmmmm…next up was lunch followed by desserts and then back to office feeling’s normal thing for me to feel sleepy after a heavy meal and I wasn’t the only one..haha!
Next up, my colleague suggested drinking hot chocolate and silly me just burnt my hand with the hot water la..luckily was just abit but was burning hot man..good thing my finger didn’t turn out like charred chicken!!!!wahahahahha!!shortly after, off to tampines for training.

I wonder why I was so blur to actually take the train towards the opposite direction, instead of taking the one towards pasir ris, I boarded the one towards joo koon and realized only when the door was closing..aiyo…seriously last warning..and the last thing was that the floorball court at tamp for training was cancelled though no one cancelled..guess the system is quite cool though can cancel court bookings without anyone saying anything about cancelling..end up we had a cool session of training..

so fun la..we played soccer for a start, probably as a warm-up or something, then followed by some working out ranging from chocolate fondue to the other core muscle exercises. Was a great session though training was cancelled..haha!maybe the part where I took the train towards the wrong direction was a sign..haha!=PP

Guess I need to be off to work now..been slacking too much by updating this space here.haha!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

now I seem to be so free so I might as well use this time to update this space of mine..

it's been one month since I started workin and I guess I'm quite happy with my work place and managers though I have to work under three managers, which means that my work is times three, but it's still alright because it still leaves me with some time to rest and relax and of cos SLACK!HAHAHAHA!!=ppp

guess that i'm rather happy with my managers because as long as I do my work, they won't bother me and as long as I complete their work by the stipulated timing, then all is fine..they're very cool and nice people but what matters the most is that I have great colleagues and a good working environment that reduces the stress set upon me..the first day at work was an experience but time flies and soon i've worked for one month already...

every week would be looking forward to fridays and the weekends...this weekend was quite interesting..after work, heading to bishan to meet up with my rp mates.. dinner and slacked with them for the night, of cos managed to have a wonderful talk with dearest sk on the train journey back to bukit batok..after that, received a msg from my ever-crazy sister telling me that she felt like studying at the 24-hour macs at bukit batok and beig nice, I decided to accompany her after I've went home to shower and change before heading over with her..guess what, the crazy me decided to challenge myself to some o-level mathematics and realised that actually I was still quite in touch with the mathematics though it's been three coming to fours years since I last touched was quite fun...but then,just when I was so into it, my sister requested to go home cos she was tired we walked home and think we took so long cos both our feets were so heavy and were practically walking with eyes closed..hahahaha!

saturday was somehow a rest day but there was training in the night which I thought was quite good though tiring.haha!

sunday was not a bad day though..managed to meet up and catch-up(not ketchup) with people I hardly had the time to meet..

the week has been quite a great one though=D

*what do you see?*

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


hahahaha!back to some updates from back back back since march?haha!!
much has been happening since back then from great and wonderful stuff to bad and unhappy stuff but I guess all these occured for a certain reason though..unhappy events happen to make ppl much stronger from time to time though..

in march,you can't imagine how greatful I was to be able to participate in international competitions and bring back more experience and was an eye-opener but at the same period of time I seemed ignorant as to what was happening back in singapore.was totally kept in the dark till the day I arrived back in singapore..the feeling was so so so unbearable that I just bursted totally and thanks to all my wonderful friends who encouraged me..was glad.=DD

it's been a long long long holiday and break..
omggg...there's like really so much things to update about that I have forgotten about them so I shall just touch about it briefly I guess..
been busy with driving lessons, university applications, interviews and at the same time hunting for part-time jobs but of course floorball trainings is always ongoing..back to training about once a week if I have the time to train and help out in the school team and other days was mainly staying home,lazing,slacking and of course going out..that's the best but at the same time the worse you know why?haha!it's not the way to spend money on travelling around singapore la..not funny man..haha!

but I tot that I liked the time I went to bangkok with hairin for some time of rest and relax cos it was the best..!!but we made ppl angry too!! fun~~

we really shopped and shopped mostly for others rather than ourselves but of cos lots of food for home cos I really dunno what goodies to get for them so food was the best cos they lie FOOD!HAHAHA!

anyways, I would say that end of may till end of june was of cos the best part of the year so far.birthday celebrations and funny and unexpected things you could actually expect, glitz awards night, weddings, driving license and of cos the best thing of all could possibly be getting a job after being rejected from the university that we had applied for..but nevermind, maybe its time to step into the workforce and see how it is like in there...
wooohooooo! i'll start exploring the land outside school life starting tomorrow..

somehow excited but at the same time quite scared...hmmmm

anyways, currently the H1N1 situation in rp seems like its getting worse and they're still not doing anything to help the year 2s and unfair can it get.?tot that they should just extend the holidays to the whole school and perform some sterilizing of the school compoung as I believe that the virus is already contained in the school and all students are at risk..sighhss..

alright, guess that's about it for now..
be back sooooonnn...hahaha!

hope for the better..

(i've finally updated this space after abandoning this land for like almost four months...hahaha!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

peaceful night

though I slept in quite late last night, probably is called early in the morning at like 4+..
busy talking to some ppl through the net and found that time passed quite fast..
decided to head for the bed but still the eyes were like quite wide open..
but the moment I lie down was like a total different story..hahOaha!

anyways, the night's sleep was great..
the past weeks has been bad cos of some inconsiderate neighbours of mine who blast the chinese radio early in the morning disturbing my sleep and once I'm awake, I'll be awake..
today was the first time there was peace but something else came..
bird came pecking on the window...
so funnyy..!!

it's going to be a rest day for me today
training cancelled and so A DAY of rest for family and tv time~~~yay yay!!